Dr. Qaisar Ali is a professor at Engineering University Peshawar. Along with educational activities he is also linked with Chishtiya chain of Tassawuf, for spiritual upbringing. Dr. Qaisar Ali is an authorized khalifa of Dr. Fida Muhammad who is the authorised khalifa of Maulana Ashraf Ali Peshawari Sulaimani RA. Maulana Ashraf Sahab is the authorised khalifa of Maulana Faqeer Muhammad RA. Maulana Ashraf not only began religious preachings in Peshawar University but also did conspicuous work in the field of Tassawuf. To know more details of Maulana's services, read the book 'Mard-e-Darwaish', written by Dr. Fida Muhammad on the life of Maulana Ashraf RA. After the demise of Maulana Ashraf, Dr. Fida Muhammad continues the chain of betterment (Islah o Irshaad) at Peshawar University. After retirement he is now benefitting people with spiritual Education in a place near Pawkay Village, Afridi Gharhi, Peshawar. For more details visit After his retirement from university, Dr. Qaisar Ali is working on the Islah of university students. In this regard, two of his narratives are delivered twice a week. One on Thursday in University Campus house no P-9 and the other on Monday in engineering tribal hostel. Along with this, every year in the last days of the month of Ramadan, he manages an educational Ittekaf in Fridous mosque University Campus Peshawar.Those who are interested to join the chain for spiritual upbringing, self amendment and for the solutions of their psychological problems, can contact through email for appointment. (

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Dars-e-Quran by Hazrat Dr. Qaisar Ali

Malfozat e Hakem ul Umat

Dars from Malfozat e Hakem ul Umat with commentry by Hazrat Dr. Qaisar Ali

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